Towards personalized surgical spine reconstruction post tumour resection

We aim to develop tools to assess patient outcomes following treatment and removal of bone metastases. We will identify markers for enhanced patient outcomes, so as to predict which patients may benefit from more aggressive treatments to better their quality of life. We also aim to use 3D printed bone implants to help in the treatment of patients with bone metastasis. These implants will serve as a local reservoir for the anticancer drugs that will improve bone regeneration while also preventing tumor recurrence. These agents have been shown to improve the efficacy of bone implants in severe bone fracture repair. Moreover, they have recently been shown to have direct anti-cancer activities. We plan to harness those beneficial activities to the fullest by obtaining local high doses of these drugs at the site of tumor resection that could not be achieved by oral or intravenous administration.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lisbet Haglund


Elie Akoury


Johnson & Johnson Inc. Canada




Medical devices


McGill University



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