Toxicopathological Determination of Safe Dose Ranges of Neonicotinoids for Honey Bee Colonies

The ‘gold standard’ mammalian safety toxicopathological tests are very sensitive and reproducible examinations used by veterinary pathologists in the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies to detect sublethal toxic effects of candidate drugs, pesticides and other chemicals in laboratory animals to determine the safe dose range of these medications/chemicals for humans and animals. However, comparable toxicopathological approaches using histopathology have not been developed for honey bees. The purpose of this project is to adapt this mammalian ‘gold standard’ safety evaluation to honey bees and to perform these safety studies on bees to determine the safe dose range for the three most commonly used neonicotinoids in agriculture. As a result, this research has potential to enhance the balance between crop pollination sustainability and crop protection from pests.

Faculty Supervisor:

Elemir Simko


Ivanna Kozii


Saskatchewan Beekeeper Development Commission


Animal science






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