Traditional Land Use Mapping and Environmental Assessment with Maawandoon

This research will assist First Nation members to monitor First Nations territories, lands and waterways and document Indigenous knowledge systems (IKS). To document cultural aspects of land use and assess the environment through video, maps and workshop teachings. In the process, Elders and Knowledge keepers will honour their cultural traditions of transferring and sharing knowledge to the next generation of leaders and land stewards. This Land Guardian program will bring traditional land use and Indigenous knowledge as key building blocks to build capacity for Indigenous sustainable planning and development activities in First Nations. The ultimate goal is to empower communities by increasing local decision-making. In summary, Indigenous students and other youth will be trained to be the “boots on the ground” and will act as “eye and ears” of the communities. The youth, Elders and students’ observations, combined with traditional and colonial knowledge, will lead to Strategic Planning on their traditional territories.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shirley Thompson


Kaoru Suzuki;Keshab Thapa;Folarin Solademi;Trea StormHunter;Chima Joseph Onyeneke;Ali Hassan Khalil;Awos Alaba Ayokunle;Richa Pradan;Sarah Nelson




Environmental sciences


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Manitoba



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