Training, engagement, and retention: a ?learning region? approach to rural youth

Youth are tomorrow?s leaders, parents, professionals, and workers, as well as today?s assets. However, the disengagement and out-migration of rural youth are critical challenges for rural communities and regions. In the Lower Columbia and surrounding West Kootenay-Boundary region these challenges are compounded by struggles to meet existing labour force needs. This project will review, summarize, and distribute existing information related to youth training, engagement, and retention to help inform relevant actors in the region. By improving their understanding the Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation (LCIC) and other actors will be in a better position to more effectively support and engage youth within the region, as well as addressing workforce development challenges. This project will result in a tailor made, detailed action plan to help the LCIC take a collaborative and regional approach to the training, engagement, and retention of youth.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sean Markey


Sarah-Patricia Breen


Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation


Environmental sciences



Simon Fraser University



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