Transit Signal Priority in Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Environments

This research aims to develop a novel transit signal priority (TSP) strategy under autonomous/connected vehicle environment to ease traffic congestion for transit vehicles at intersections. In this study, the accurate arrival time of transit vehicles at intersections will be estimated and the green time will be extended accordingly to help transit vehicles pass intersections. Moreover, the traffic flow of the crossing streets will be monitored constantly in order to decrease the adverse effect of TSP on traffic flow of crossing streets. The data required for the new TSP strategy will be obtained from the autonomous and connected vehicles. Finally, this study will evaluate the case of multiple transit vehicles and multiple routes in which the conflicting TSP requests by transit vehicles needs to be dealt with.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lina Kattan


Mohammad Ansari Esfeh


Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium


Engineering - civil


Automotive and transportation




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