Transitioning Mental Health and Addictions Organizations toward Web-based Electronic Solutions

The overall aim of this internship is to conduct a thorough search of the Ontario‐based mental health and addictions organizations, agencies and community‐based organizations and identify the initiatives by the Ministries to enable implementation of CareNotes‐ a web‐based electronic patient record (EPR) solution. Understanding the technology and workflow assessment where such solutions need to be incorporated will enable The Halifax Group to position the CareNotes solution to address the needs of maintaining life‐long health information of mental health patients. In addition to literature search, qualitative interviews will be conducted with healthcare professionals at target organizations to understand the needs and requirements and analyze the current workflows. Based on findings from the research, strategies will be developed to undertake a pilot project and potential final implementation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Aviv Shachak


Shamsa Jiwani


Halifax Group




Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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