Translational Oncology Research Data Analysis and Quality Assurance

The proposed project seeks to better understand and study the effective application of data processing tools and quality assurance systems in clinical research. Data from clinical trials is crucial in the pharmaceutical industry because it provides indicators of safety and efficacy of drug treatments for patients. However, processing and reporting on the large amounts of data available has become increasingly difficult, especially for organizations that run complex trials in an international setting. The project will develop customized reports with MediData digital platform and test their implementation.
The secondary goal of the project will be to research and support the development of a coordinated quality assurance system compliant with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines. The project will both support the development and test the quality control system that address the needs of a global clinical research organization. The quality control system developed as part of the project will be compatible with the MasterControl digital platform.
The project’s methodology will include literature review, data collection and review in order to answer the research questions and achieve project objectives.

Faculty Supervisor:

Steve Chattargoon


Emily Thomas






Professional, scientific and technical services


Northern Alberta Institute of Technology



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