Transportation Infrastructure Improvements for Wildlife Protection and Economic Productivity

Regional and municipal partners spend resources, time and effort securing and protecting their natural heritage systems. Roadways act as barriers restricting movement of plants and animals, degrading habitat for many species, and increasing mortality affecting the quality of these natural heritage systems. The intern will investigate methods, techniques and technologies that can be used to develop improvements to the practice of road construction. The intern will help lead the assessment of impacts and identify the successes of existing road crossing infrastructure, develop the science and practice for monitoring and assessment of road infrastructure, and identify recommended road crossing solutions that help to maintain the quality and function of natural heritage systems. Citizen Scientst will benefit from this project by developing science, volunteer opportunities and monitoring techniques, as well as developing visual arts science and communication pieces to facilitate public awareness, and facilitating the development of scientific publications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nicholas Mandrak


Colleen Crowe


Citizen Scientist


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry


University of Toronto



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