Treatment of cyanobacteria by flotation

The AquaDaf® is a high speed clarifier for the treatment of surface water with algae. The objective of the project is to perform a laboratory study permitting the optimization of the treatment of cyanobacteria with Aquadaf and in particular to establish a protocol to compare the removal rates of cyanobacteria by flotation and to verify the capacity of the process flotation to avoid cyanobacteria lysis which would liberate toxin release. The project includes literature review on cyanobacteria removal by flotation, protocol establishment and laboratory result analysis and the preparation of a final report and presentation. The benefit to Degremont is that it would allow development of AquaDAF® as an eutrophication treatment method, that focuses on the problem at different phases.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Catherine Mulligan


Noah Saber-Freedman


Degremont Ltée


Engineering - civil


Environmental industry


Concordia University



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