Treatment of Statistical Data in the Aircraft Deicing Industry

Every year, all planes must be deiced prior to airbourne when outside temperatures hit the cold seasons (fall to spring), in order to ensure a safe takeoff. Currently, trends in the deicing industry are still leaning towards having all operation informations logged down on paper slits. This approach is consuming in terms of time, material and cost, given that it can be done more efficiently with today’s advanced technology. Wiseleap Solutions Inc. is a firm specialized in application development and analytics solutions that has developed an application to respond to this business need: Deicing Manager is an online tool that streamlines the capture, storage and analysis of all information needed to manage deicing operations. However, in order to measure the advantages its technological product brings, Wiseleap must not only identify the advantages of the product like unabling paperless operations, but also needs to quantify all cost and time savings generated by it in terms of decrease in deicing fluid waste used, human error reduction, increased quality control, etc. The project research intern is mandated to bring in his/her knowledge and expertise in statistical data analysis to respond to this problematic Wiseleap is faced with. By analyzing the historical deicing data collected by the product and mainly translating the identified waste in the current deicing fluid concentration usage into quantifiable cost savings opportunities, this is how the intern helps Wiseleap in measuring the added value of its product Deicing Manager. Wiseleap’s clients, by better understanding its deicing operation behavior through the data captured by Deicing Manager, will be more confident when negotiating for pricing transparency with third party deicing service providers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Denis Larocque


Lina Giang


Wiseleap Solutions Inc.




Information and communications technologies


HEC Montréal



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