Tree Inventory and Management Opportunities at Old Ashburn Golf Course

Golf courses represent a unique opportunity for urban foresters to promote an increased quality and quantity of trees in the city environment. Golf course managers focus attention mainly on grass maintenance and less so on trees. The tree canopy at Old Ashburn Golf Course is currently in a degraded state. Taking advantage of a forthcoming major course upgrade project on the greens, the intern will (a) characterize the current state of the trees on the course, and (b) develop management proposals for the long-term improvement of the course’s tree canopy. For the inventory, tree stands will be sampled according to standard protocols for forest inventory, and all single trees will be measured according to standard protocols for urban forestry. Management recommendations will be developed collaboratively with the Golf Club’s stakeholders. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Duinker


Shauna Doll


Ashburn Golf Club


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry




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