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This research aims to identify the challenges and opportunities that exist within and amongst First Nations communities for creating culturally appropriate and resilient housing models and local economies. It will build understanding around what is required to transform the current housing system from one that uses external labour, resources and businesses to one that promotes local livelihoods, value-added businesses and local resource use within a First Nations culturally focused bioregional economy. To accomplish this the intern will investigate financing options, policy and legislative constraints or opportunities, value-added services, and the ways in which First Nation led land use plans can be operationalized to stimulate local economic development. This research will play a key role in forwarding Ecotrusts’s mission to develop alternative approaches to economic development that can generate greater long term benefits for communities of place in terms of improved social, cultural, ecological and financial outcomes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Terre Satterfield


Anthony Persaud


Ecotrust Canada


Environmental sciences


Aboriginal affairs




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