Trend analysis of the adoption of digital technologies within the aerospace industry

This internship is part of CRIAQ’s structuring project “CRIAQ-1645 Digital Aerospace”, whose goal is to identify converging trends between aerospace and information and communication technologies (ICT). This project will help in program orientation, for inferring R&D needs in the short, medium and long-term, so to develop digital capabilities that will be more and more important for aerospace companies. For CRIAQ, this project will help in the development of its own strategic roadmap for transforming the local aerospace cluster into a world reference within the emerging “digital aerospace” domain. The project comprises the analysis of pertinent documents (publications and patents) for the identification of convergence trends within the so-called “digital aerospace” domain, which will be then validated with experts in these two fields. The specific goal of this internship is the discussion of the trends found in the bibliometric analysis with Quebec scholars engaged in these domains.

Faculty Supervisor:

Fabiano Armellini


Nicolas Dufresne





Aerospace and defense




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