TRICHUM: Translating Research into Innovation for Cannabis Health at Université de Moncton

Supplying cannabis, and cannabis products, to a legalized retail market represents a major economic opportunity and has been identified as a growth opportunity under New Brunswick’s Economic Growth Plan (Province of New Brunswick, 2016). Indeed, the retail market value for recreational cannabis in Canada is expected to reach $8.7 billion annually (Deloitte, 2016); however, current production capacity will not meet the anticipated demand. Because the commercial production of cannabis has been illegal, and production has been largely artisanal and clandestine, cannabis has not benefitted from the application of biotechnologies (particularly genomics) that have led to massive increases in yields and sustainability of other agricultural production systems. In this innovative project, and working in close collaboration with OrganiGram Inc., a concerted research-driven approach will be developed to support the development and the growth of the cannabis industry in Atlantic Canada through the application and adaptation of novel biotechnologies. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Martin Filion


Khaoula Bedis






Life sciences




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