TRUSTSPHERE (a Trusted, Secure and Privacy-respecting Healthcare Environment Realized for Everyone): Building the trust layer connecting everyone to digital health

TRUSTSPHERE is a secure digital connection allowing patients to securely donate data and for researchers to ethically access patient’s data. The TRUSTSPHERE Consortium will create a links from mobile devices to providers, patients, and their families which will be tested and implemented to help with adopting this tool for management of children with Type 1 diabetes. Patient (and family) trust in using a digital identity layer will be evaluated, ethics and consent procedures for patients to donate their data to research will be established, and patients and families will be empowered to share health data. This technology will lead to a better understanding of the causes of and management of pediatric Type 1 diabetes, and the experience within the health system; which will translate into improved health care. Four Mitacs Fellows will be crucial in developing the technology. In collaboration with expert academic supervisors, industry partners will help train the Mitacs Fellows, ensuring project success. The final product is expected to be ready commercially and all partners will share profits from developing the platform.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shazhan Amed;Alice Virani;Matthias Görges;Elodie Portales-Casamar;Andre Kushniruk;Elizabeth Borycki;Wyeth Wasserman;Bruce Verchere


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