Tumor engineering of biomaterial based cancer models for drug screening

The intern will use the company’s proprietary biomaterials to create tumors using cancer cells. These tumors can be used as an alternative to animal testing for cancer drugs. These cancer models will cost a fraction of the cost of animal models and can be tested using existing pharmaceutical techniques and equipment. The intern will develop a process to create tumors, then test existing drugs on the model to see how it compares to human and animal testing results. This research will allow the company to commercialize their biomaterials in the pharmaceuticals industry using the processes created in the project. The biomaterials and reagents used in in-vitro cancer drug screening are a $3.5 Billion market, and this research will help the company gain market share in the industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hector Budman


Ali Nikdel


9215581 Canada Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological


Life sciences


University of Waterloo



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