Two case studies in the public history of international development policies in Canada: the Lebanese Special Measures Program (1975-1990) and The Life of Lewis Perinbam (1925-2008)

This project will involve the research of international development assistance policy in Canada. It will focus on two case studies: Lebanese Special Measures Program and the life of distinguished Canadian humanitarian Lewis Perinbam. This research would contribute to a better understanding of the history of international development assistance in Canada. The partners in this project are not-for-profit organizations focused on promoting education and community development. By partnering with MITACS Accelerate, we will be able to fund high level research that explores how Canada’s international development assistance operates in practice. The ultimate goal is to promote a better understanding of this history to the public.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dominique Marshall


Anna Kozlova


World University Service of Canada





Carleton University



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