Ultra-high-quality optical coatings fabricated using plasma-assisted reactive magnetron sputtering

The proposed project is a collaboration between the Bradley research group at McMaster University and Intlvac, located in Halton Hills, ON, on the development of novel deposition methods and thin film materials for high performance optical coatings. Intlvac has a long history of developing state of the art deposition systems for coatings and thin films, in research and industrial applications. The Bradley group has extensive experience in thin film deposition and development of high optical quality materials for microphotonic devices. Intlvac is seeking to advance complex multilayer optical coatings technology and ultra-high-quality dielectric films, which will lead to economic growth and highly qualified personnel (HQP) training in this growing sector in Canada. The intern will work at both Intlvac and McMaster University to develop deposition techniques and applications for Intlvac and use the extensive optical and material characterization equipment available in the Bradley lab, the Centre for Emerging Device Technologies (CEDT) and Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy (CCEM) at McMaster University.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jonathan Bradley


Jeremy Miller








McMaster University


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