Ultra-thin graphene oxide membranes for efficient humidity harvesting

The main goal of the proposed work is to develop an ultra-thin and selective GO membrane capable of separating water vapor or steam from air. For this purpose, a suitable membrane supports required to hold the GO sheets. Therefore, the GO sheets will be deposited on various membrane supports and their performance in terms of selectivity, permeability, and mechanical strength will be evaluated. Then, the effect of GO layer number on the selectivity and permeation rate will be investigated. Once the best performing membranes have been determined, the impact of feed humidity and temperature on the permeation rate and selectivity of water vapor transport through the membranes will be evaluated. Evercloak will supervise the intern and support out of lab research activities on their premise. Evercloak will benefit as the results of this project will inform key decisions within their technology development roadmap in addition to talent acquisition/training.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael KC Tam


Azam Nasr Esfahani




Engineering - chemical / biological




University of Waterloo



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