Understanding behaviour change regarding a decrease in resource use in the Halifax Peninsula, Nova Scotia

Behaviour change and the use of nudges are not new phenomenon within academia. However, the difficulty of measuring behaviour change hinders the development of a solid understanding of how behaviour change transpires. As such, the intern will use primary data to asses Thinkwell Shift and ENSC’s current and historical resource use reduction and hevaioural change strategies. The proposed research project will seek to determine how behaviour change regarding a decrease in resource consumption is occurring in the Halifax Peninsula, Nova Scotia, and to create an interactive and accessible spatial representation of this experienced behaviour change. In the end a final report as well as a geodatabase and spatial outputs will be produced. The relevance for the parties involved is to further enhance the behaviour change strategies that Thinkwell Shift and ENSC implement to ensure that resource use within the home is being reduced to the highest extent.

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Tyedmers


Sarah Rosenblat


Thinkwell Shift


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry


Dalhousie University



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