Understanding factors limiting Bull Trout (Salvelinus confluentus) abundance in the foothills of Alberta

Bull Trout (Salvenlinus confluentus) is a large fish species in the Salmonidae family, that is undergoing dramatic declines. This study will focus on stream reaches with critical Bull Trout habitat features in the foothills in Alberta, Canada. The objectives of this study are to: 1) determine temporal trends in Bull Trout abundance, and 2) assess competition between Bull Trout and invasive salmonids (e.g. Brown Trout, Brook Trout) and potential hybrids. Data will be collected and analyzed, comparing Bull Trout habitat and adult presence in 6 watercourses having different stressors (e.g. land use impacts and invasive species) for each watershed. The results of this study will help understand factors limiting Bull Trout in the foothills of Alberta and to develop appropriate management and recovery actions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Poesch


Jacqueline Pallard


West Fraser Mills Ltd.


Resources and environmental management




University of Alberta



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