Understanding Health and Life Sciences Research and Innovation Impact in British Columbia

This project seeks to demonstrate the impact of health and life sciences research in the Province of British Columbia. Researchers from Simon Fraser University and University of British Columbia – Okanagan are working closed with the Genome BC and Michael Smith’s Foundation to develop new methodology to assess the value of health and life sciences research holistically. In this study, we refer health and life sciences research to a broad range of research activities (including basic, clinical, health services & policy, population health) that conducted within university, community or industry settings. Similar projects have been conducted in British Columbia and elsewhere, but many of them focus on direct and indirect economic benefits and are aimed only at demonstrating success. This project will also explore a broad range of indicators using a range of case studies to highlight weak linkages as well as strong ones. Ultimately, this project will provide evidence to strengthen health and life sciences research in the province.

Faculty Supervisor:

Elicia Maine;Eric Li;Jennifer Davis


Pegah Yaghmaie;Romi Jain





Other services (except public administration)




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