Understanding in/exclusion in health and wellness programming across minoritized differences: A collaboration with the YWCA Hamilton

The YWCA Hamilton advocates for the improved status of individuals experiencing oppression; however, they have noticed high drop-out rates in their health and wellness programming. This collaborative study aims to unpack the relationship between health and/or wellness, physical activity participation, and inclusion/exclusion. Specifically, we seek to understand, strengthen, and build up the facets of physical activity participation that make them inclusive for marginalized/minoritized differences across age, disability, body size, gender, income, race, and/or sexuality. We will: 1) Explore how a diversity of bodies are represented and discussed a) within the body positivity movement on social media; and b) within purportedly inclusive physical activity spaces; 2) understand the physical activity experiences of those with marginalized/minoritized differences; and 3) increase awareness of the consequences of exclusion and how to create and nurture inclusion, through the exploration of body-related stories and art, and investigation of characteristics of inclusive physical activity environments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Meridith Griffin


Aly Bailey


YWCA Hamilton




Other services (except public administration)


McMaster University


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