Understanding Montreal festival soundscapes

Quartier des spectacles is a dense multi-cultural hub with large outdoor festivals, also housing an ever-growing residential population due to new high-rise development projects. Given the need to balance vitality with quality of life, this project focuses on expectations of residents and festivalgoers in terms of their sound environment. We implement a methodology to assess the needs of multiple stakeholders and investigate the role that sound plays in the holistic experience of urban spaces.

This project, using Quartier des spectacles as a living laboratory for original collaborative research, is essential to balance the needs of various stakeholders (event promoters, residents, workers, etc.) in order to consolidate this model, unique to Montreal. The findings will be used to create a sound management plan for recreational activities in public places in the Quartier des spectacles and beyond.

Faculty Supervisor:

Catherine Guastavino


Anna Edda Bild


Quartier des Spectacles




Arts, entertainment and recreation


McGill University



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