Understanding Organizational Routine Evolution and Change in Healthcare: The case of CPOE Use at The Ottawa Hospital

The Ottawa Hospital is implementing a new information technology application system, or Clinical Provider Order Entry (CPOE) system. The students will model and study all aspects of the operational routines that are affected by the technology introduction and investigate how these routines evolve and change through simulation modeling. Examining the process of changing organizational routines is particularly important, not only because they are significantly related to the performance and survival of organizations, but also because routines represent the foundation of effective organizational performance. It is these changes, when optimized that can lead to cost savings and reduction in health care costs. Discovering how best to introduce such changes, and understanding the problems that can arise will provide lessons for other hospitals and organizations who want to implement similar disruptive technology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Gerald Grant


Tim Smith


Ottawa Hospital




Life sciences


Carleton University



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