Understanding the effect of the oral microbiome on the performance of dental implant crown materials

We are at the era of precision medicine and dentistry; however, currently there have been no attempts for personalized dental implant design and material selection that take into account variations in individuals’ anatomy, oral microbiome, saliva properties, and mechanical requirements. The overall objective of this MITACS project is to utilize a multidisciplinary approach to explore intra- and inter-variability of oral microbiome and saliva properties of individuals and their effects on a set of new implant crown material candidates, manufactured by the partner organization. Our hypothesis is that early oral characterization of saliva properties and oral microbial communities can assist dental practitioners to select the optimum (most biocompatible) dental implant material candidate(s) for each individual separately. The desired long-term result of this research program is to improve dental therapeutics and move towards customized and personalized dental treatments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sepideh Pakpour


Dipti Nikam


Perfit Dental Solutions Inc.




Medical devices




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