Understanding the Influence of Partnership Structure on the Outcomes of Community Sustainability Plans

The intern’s study builds on an international survey previously completed in partnership with ICLEI. The study aims to test key structural features in the partnerships for implementing community sustainability plans and how these features are related to plan outcomes (i.e., sustainability progress). To study structure features, the intern will test key factors, such as partner engagement, decision-making systems, communication process & monitoring/reporting procedures, and their relationships with outcomes. This will be done through statistical analysis. The ways community resources (e.g. financial supports) are leveraged through cross-sector partnerships will also be studied. Since ICLEI provides tools and resources to its members to so they can implement community sustainable plans more effectively, the study will provide insights and information to improve its services.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amelia Clarke


Yushuo Cai


ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry




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