Understanding the personalities of successful workers in customer-facing hourly roles

Screening candidates for hourly-paid jobs based on resumes is time consuming and unreliable. deepND is seeking to understand which traits are shared by a company’s top employees – and how to assess for these traits using data sources at the earliest stages of the recruitment process. The definitions of employee success and performance are often subjective and vary significantly across industries. Researchers will work with a combination of public and private data to understand what employee success means for deepND‘s partners, prepare workforce performance diagnostic for each of them, and determine which proxies can be leveraged to help prevent unsuccessful hires in the future. This will help deepND’s customers hire the right hourly workers with high performance potential, saving money by reducing turnover and increasing revenue by hiring higher performing workers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Frances Chen


Alec Beall


DeepND Inc





University of British Columbia



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