Understanding Wisdom and Teaching it at Scale

Preparing students for a changing job market means teaching them the skills needed to succeed across a wide range of contexts. Employers especially value the sort of person who can solve problems in ways that address the complexity of real world contexts, people colloquially referred to as wise. What exactly do we mean when we use that term, and can Wisdom be taught within an already constrained education system? The proposed work represents an attempt to learn more about wisdom, and to almost immediately apply that knowledge by demonstrating how wisdom can be taught at scale when mobilized within a technology-enabled peer-assessment platform. The candidate will work with Professor Marc Fournier, first conducting basic research to better understand the concept of Wisdom, then more applied research assessing whether Wisdom is enhanced when students are asked to both produce wisdom and recognize it in the work of their peers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marc Fournier


Dwayne Paré









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