Uniting the Métis Nation of BC through values based leadership and strategic culture

The Métis Nation of BC, (MNBC) has been challenged with a sense of division among staff, governance and citizenship. As a result, programming is missing a strategic framework while ministries and chartered communities operate as independent silos. There is a clear and collective desire to rejuvenate Métis culture but without first acknowledging current state and a clear future state (Stroh, 2015), it is difficult to coordinate initiatives within all the cohesive Métis groups in BC. With this united and strategic framework MFCBC will be able to better serve their clients with an authentic understanding of the MNBC citizens’ values.
Through the process of Appreciative Inquiry (Cooperrider, 2005) and dialogical (Bushe, Marshak, Schein & Schein, 2015), solution focused coaching conversations, this project will identify MNBC’s collective values for a common vision to emerge to promote Métis culture and community in BC. In a Métis youth study findings showed that engagement in culture improves the mental health of Métis youth (Smith, 2016). This research idea proposes that a strong connection with core values will surface a shared Métis identity that will serve as a strong foundation for social connection and community. A current understanding of the needs of Métis people in BC will allow MFCBC to align programming appropriately.
Research will include interviews of regional representatives elected in the September 2020 election. This first stage will inform a large group dialogue with individual community presidents to build to unite Métis citizens in BC.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Lickers


Alexis Ibbotson


Métis Financial Corporation of BC




Finance, insurance and business


Royal Roads University



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