Universal surface modification method to encourage cell patterning

Surface modification to promote the patterning of mammalian cells is an important tool in cellular biology. It aids in the development of different tissue engineering scaffolds, biosensors, and validation of high throughput screening assays. Surface modification protocols must be tailored to each individual material which limits the utility of a successful antifouling strategy to individual materials. The cost to modify individual materials for multi-material devices, often used in biomedical development, is high. Therefore, a single antifouling method is highly desirable. Through collaboration with leading experts in this field at Soochow University, we hope to gain experience in polyethylene glycol grafting methods to apply to surface modification. Their expertise will improve high throughput screening assays as well as a number of other assays used to study biological interactions and characteristics of cells. This research opportunity provided by Mitacs Globalink will facilitate international collaboration for the development of a surface modification tool in extraordinarily high demand.

Faculty Supervisor:

Qiyin Fang


Jessica Kun






McMaster University


Globalink Research Award

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