Urban ecosystem service valuation: Exploring participatory greenspace planning processes that support more equitable outcomes for residents of the Greater Toronto Area

How urban residents perceive and value nature within our cities shapes how we manage it for current and future generations. Given the diversity of perspectives and beliefs brought to bear on an urban system, we can expect that not everyone will enjoy nature the same way, or for the same reasons. If democracy is our goal, then we must create processes that allow people to express their opinions about where they want greenspace, what they want to use if for, and how it ought to be managed. When disagreements or trade-offs arise, we need to be able to navigate a path forward that fairly considers all options. This research will explore novel decision-making tools that are designed to encourage stakeholder deliberation about management choices for greenspace in cities. The intent is to provide planners and greenspace managers with tools and knowledge that will support more participatory and inclusive land use planning.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel McCarthy


Meaghan Eastwood


Credit Valley Conservation


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry




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