Usability analysis and guideline development for user interface design in a public health information system

The design of usable public health information systems is critical in areas such as healthcare. In this project an analysis of the usability of a pan-Canadian public health information system will be conducted. The approach will involve application of usability engineering methods to identify issues and areas where the system’s user interface could be modified and optimized. This work will lead to the development of a set of guidelines and recommendations for the development of a next generation user interface for Panorama. In addition, currently there are a number of generic user interface guidelines and standards that have been published internationally. The project will also involve a systematic review and documentation analysis of existing guidelines which will be collected. This information will be also considered in light of optimizing the Panorama user interface. The results from both the usability analysis and the literature review will be combed to develop a user interface style guide that will help in creating a usable, useful and consistent next generation user interface for the Panorama public health system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Andre Kushniruk


Allen McLean & Danica Tuden


IBM Canada




Information and communications technologies


University of Victoria



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