Usability evaluation of a runway testing device interface

Various forms of usability testing can be used to optimize interface design and maximize human-computer interaction principles . A well-integrated, intuitive interface has the capacity to improve human efficiency, mitigate errors or lapses and improve situational awareness. Usability methodologies such as heuristic evaluations and cognitive walkthroughs can be performed at any point in the design process to identify areas for improvement. Additionally, in-field usability testing with users of the technology can further pinpoint inadequacies in software or hardware design. The proposed project will evaluate an interface design for an aviation braking availability tester (BAT) device by completing a systematic evaluation by an HCI expert. Outcomes to the partner organization include delination of any problem areas according to human factors principles, suggestions on improvements to the BAT system operation, and usage guidelines to be considered for future training applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ratvinder Grewal;Alison Godwin


Amy Doan


Team Eagle Ltd




Transportation and warehousing


Laurentian University



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