Usability of LaceUp, a foot stool that facilitates optimum body posture when putting on footwear: Perspectives of occupational therapists

The activity of putting on and tying one’s shoes is completed multiple times per day, and is taken for granted until an individual experiences mobility challenges due to pain, stiffness, weakness, or instability. A new foot stool, the LaceUp, is designed for users to sit or stand, and perform the activity of putting on and tying shoes while maintaining balance and proper posture. The objective of this study is to determine the usability and acceptance of LaceUp according to occupational therapists who work in the community with clients who need help with activities of daily living. The partner organization will benefit by having their product validated for use by occupational therapists and their clients. Feedback will also help the partner organization to scale up their product by marketing to other users to put on their skates, to try on foot wear in shoe stores, and to manage foot care.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lili Liu


Emily Wood




Visual arts


Medical devices




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