Use of Air Entrained Concrete in Non-Freeze Thaw Environments Exposed to Chlorides

This internship is in partnership with ISIS Canada. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard A23.1 requires air entrainment in concrete subjected to chlorides, not only for freeze-thaw environments but also for non‐freeze-thaw environments. Air entrainment presents some challenges in finishing of power trowelled surfaces, for example parking decks. Depending on the timing and amount of trowelling, air entrained slabs can be susceptible to surface de-lamination. As a result, air entrainment can not only add cost, it can make it more difficult to achieve a durable structure. This internship with Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd., an engineering consulting firm, will include testing and analyzing the test results of 12 different concrete mixes (some containing entrained air and some without entrained air) placed on current construction sites for conformance with CSA A23.1. Once test results are completed and analyzed, recommendations for placement of concrete mixes without entrained air in non-freeze thaw environments exposed to chlorides will be presented.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Raafat El-Hacha


Jason (Randy) Thesen


Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.




Construction and infrastructure


University of Calgary



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