Use of biosolids in the Construction of Capillary Barrier Covers for Reactive Mine Tailings

The project aims to examine the potential for use of municipal biosolids (treated sewage solids) as a low cost construction material in the creation of solid soil capillary barrier covers (multi-layer covers that limit oxygen diffusion) to reduce acid generation in mine tailings. The ability for biosolids to prevent water flow and oxygen diffusion through the cover to the tailings will determine whether or not biosolids are suitable for use in capillary barrier covers. The project will also investigate the interactions between tailings and biosolids when they are directly in contact with one-another as is the case at the Vale tailings site in Sudbury. Research will involve computer modelling of cover design (ie. determining suitable materials and layer configurations) as well as column testing of the most promising cover designs. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul Simms


Christopher Hey


7949740 Canada Inc


Engineering - civil


Environmental industry




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