Use of nanoparticles, phase change materials, and antifreeze admixtures for cold weather concreting

In cold regions, freezing temperatures impede construction activities or put them on hold until warmer seasons, as concreting activities under such conditions are quite challenging. This leads to considerable socioeconomic losses. This research will advance the current knowledge on cold weather concreting, which is a critical issue for Canada and other cold regions. It will mobilize novel projects on the use of innovative materials and protection methods for concreting at a range of low and freezing temperatures, which is envisioned to enable longer construction of concrete elements/infrastructure in late fall, winter and early spring with better productivity rates and offer developmental solutions to northern parts of Canada. Throughout the course of this research program, practical outcomes (e.g. innovative concrete mixture designs/protection techniques for cold weather) can be incorporated in construction specifications for concrete in Canadian jurisdictions and standards for concrete, with a measurable impact on the construction industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohamed T Bassuoni


Ahmed Yasien Soliman


City of Winnipeg


Engineering - civil


Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services


University of Manitoba


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