User-Friendly Design Charts for Optimizing the Evaluation and Repair ofConcrete Beams using Fiber Reinforced Polymer

There is an urging need to enhance the market competitiveness of the fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) material as an alternative to conventional steel and concrete materials in building retrofit projects in Canada due to the reduced life-cycle cost of the former. Optimizing the design of FRP reinforcement is a key element toward increasing the market share of FRP products. The objective of this project is to employ statistical techniques to optimize the number and layout of FRP layers required to strength deficient concrete beams. The optimization will be conducted to achieve a minimum safety level deemed acceptable by the North American codes and standards. User-friendly design chats will be produced covering a wide spectrum of beam retrofit applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Fadi Oudah;Yi Liu


Connor Petrie


NOEL Consultants


Engineering - civil


Professional, scientific and technical services


Dalhousie University



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