User Interface Research for Stereoscopic 3D Animation System

Janro Imaging Laboratory (JIL) will work with researchers at Concordia and Emily Carr universities to develop 3D motion-tracking based interface tools for drawing and content creation in spatial drawing applications. As a basis for applied design research, researchers will use an alpha version of the “Optical Wand,” a product currently in development at JIL for use with SANDDE, the animator works in the stereoscopic environment itself and can therefore make changes intuitively and rapidly to the spatial composition of their work in 3D and in real time. The expected result of this project is the invention of an optimal gesture-based interface for drawing directly in 3D stereoscopic space in professional animation applications. The resulting invention would be an unprecedented interface tool, which can be produced using Direct Digital Manufacturing and as such, is likely to be of much interest to gaming, live performance art, etc. Gesture-based interactivity research is only just beginning and we expect our results to have a significant impact on this field. With an enhanced interface and a wider user-base targeted, JIL anticipates that SANDDE could feasibly become an industry-standard stereoscopic 3D animation tool – and part of Quebec’s rich market for similar technologies. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Leila Sujir & Sudhir Mudur




Janro Imaging Laboratory




Information and communications technologies


Concordia University



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