Using adaptive management to reduce fishing pressure on Golden Cod near the Gilbert Bay Marine Protected Area (MPA)

Despite protection measures, the Golden cod sub-population in the Gilbert Bay Marine Protected Area is experiencing steep decline. Given the regulatory complexity and reluctance of industry to consider a split or delayed season for surrounding fisheries, partners aim to create an alternative solution to balance economic fishing interests with conservation objectives. The goal of this project is to explore the nature and extent of ghost gear fishing/by-catch within the North Atlantic Fishing Organization Div. 2J stewardship fishery while WWF-Canada works closely with the NunatuKavut Community Council and University partners. Specific activities may include monitoring alternative fishing gears, characterizing the nature and extend of ghost gear, identify and retrieve existing ghost gear, and investigating options for local end-of-life gear options while exploring issues with the current state of affairs, and how management/policy may be improved.

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul Foley;Shannon Bayse


Cameron Pye


World Wildlife Fund


Resources and environmental management




Memorial University of Newfoundland



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