Using/An application (with) Artificial Intelligence in Telemedicine and Telehealth

There is a fact that over the last decades life expectation is increased, and human nation is experiencing a longer life span. The idea is to utilize technology in a way that people (senior or patients) can stay at their own home with less care facilities and less life quality degradation with less third-party assistance. In this research, I will be conducting a series of researches in which I can model seniors’/patients’ behavior while they are home so we can have a better insight from their behavior, their patterns/trends of their habits. Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are main technologies in general which will be adopted to provide the research that I pursue. Data collection, data pre-processing and creating some models based on the collected data sets and training those models to a certain level will give us more in-depth insight from seniors or patients behavior or after hospital care plan.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bill Robertson


Ali Asgharzad Hamidi


Halitech IT solutions




Professional, scientific and technical services


Dalhousie University


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