Using CityEngine for Parameterized 3D Modeling of Regional Growth Scenarios

In 2006, the Government of Ontario introduced “Places to Grow: Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe” to control urban sprawl, protect farmland and green spaces, create complete communities and revitalize downtowns and urban centres. Key specifications include minimum intensification targets, such as requiring 40% of new residential development to occur in existing built-up areas. A recently published report by Allen and Campsie (2013) found that many municipalities across the Toronto region are not planning to adhere to the mandated intensifications targets. This internship will examine the impact of various growth scenarios on urban form for a case study municipality by developing 3D models in Esri’s CityEngine software. The intern will investigate the use of procedurally generated streets, blocks, and neighbourhoods for efficient visualization of development options. These visualizations will contribute to stakeholder and citizen engagement in regional planning through a Web-based application. It enables novel scenario modeling for effective advocacy and policy making to support economically and environmentally sustainable growth.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Claus Rinner


Michael Markieta


Esri Canada


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Information and communications technologies


Ryerson University



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