Using Inuvialuit Observations to Monitor Environmental Conditions in the Mackenzie Delta Region of the Northwest Territories


In collaboration with the Nigaluk, the intern will engage in the first phase of a 2-year project that will use Inuvialuit observations to monitor environmental change in the Mackenzie Delta Region of the Northwest Territories. Activities completed during the internship will help lay the groundwork for HTC and University of Victoria research initiatives to document local observations of environmental change grounded in MITACS Template Version- March 2010 15 Inuvialuit traditional knowledge. A review of relevant literature on photo mapping, computer mapping, and monitoring related to traditional knowledge will be completed. The PPM protocol will be tested as a means to record, document, and communicate Inuvialuit observations of environmental change and to network this knowledge with the Mackenzie Delta CIMP project. Once the PPM protocol has been tested, a report will be written that will outline PPM protocol recommendations for the CIMP. The ultimate objective of this project is to monitor and communicate the impacts of multiple stressors on the regional environmental conditions. The results of this research will improve the understanding of northern environmental change and ecosystem management, and contribute to the development of a long-term strategy for adapting to the impacts of a changing climate.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Trevor Lantz


Trevor D. Bennett




Environmental sciences


Fisheries and wildlife


University of Victoria



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