Using Social Media to Address Misinformation about HPV and Influenza Vaccines: An Intervention on Facebook

Vaccination is a widely accepted public health intervention, yet public confidence in vaccines is affected by misinformation about vaccine safety shared mainly on Facebook. This project aims to increase availability of credible information about HPV vaccines and influenza vaccines on Facebook. It includessix phases: 1) identify the most relevant approaches for marketing campaigns; 2) conduct pre-campaign surveys with parents and health professionals; 3) prepare advertisements to address misinformation; 4) publish advertisements on Facebook; 5) conduct post-campaign surveys to assess the success of the campaigns; 6) assess the relevance of the campaign strategies for long-term outcomes. This study focuses on the phase 2. We will conduct two pre-campaign surveys: one with parents to gather their knowledge and attitudes regarding HPV vaccines and vaccination, and another one with health professionals to gather their knowledge and attitudes regarding influenza vaccines and vaccination. This study will help prepare advertisements addressing misinformation on Facebook.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kieran O’Doherty


Mylène Tantchou Dipankui


Canadian Public Health Association




Other services (except public administration)


University of Guelph



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