Using wireless location technologies in mobile video games

This research is part of the GéoÉduc3D project, funded by the Geomatics for Informed Decisions (GEOIDE) Network. It aims to propose educational interactive games based on geospatial technologies. The games would explore thematic questions of interest to youth and teenagers. The internship will focus on wireless location in interior spaces. More specifically, it will introduce the player's geographic real-time position in a mobile game in an efficient and robust way. Position information will be relayed via WiFi networks. Geolocation on this type of wireless network will be useful in dense urban centres where GPS satellite signals can easily be blocked by buildings. The method consists in detecting all available WiFi signals and applying innovative positioning and optimization algorithms to determine the player's current position. This project is in partnership with the GEOIDE NCE.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Sylvie Daniel


Valérie Kirouac


Ubisoft studio de Québec


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Digital media


Université Laval



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