Utilization of Agile Management in Construction Projects

Usually, any construction project begins with the planning department preparing a construction schedule that is pushed onto the project team. The big up-front plan might cause delays in the construction process because it relies on predicting a lot in the future, so you need frequent updating of this plan throughout the execution. Agile is a project management approach that includes micro-planning tools to support construction contractors in the execution of projects. This is accomplished through short feedback loops which involve all the project team members and stakeholders to embrace and document the changes and unexpected issues that arise and how they are dealt with. The application of agile management in construction projects can lead to numerous benefits. To begin with, feedback loops are short and mistakes are fixed once they are discovered. Further, the process will involve lower risks because the client is continuously involved in the development process. Construction companies can focus more on time management and regular frequent reviews to improve project financial management.

Faculty Supervisor:

Osama Moselhi


Basma Sayed Mohamed




Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure




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