Validating dynamic system analysis mooring tools using a 25-kW surface mounted hydrokinetic turbine tested at the Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Testing Centre

Dynamic Systems Analysis develops and markets dynamic modeling tools like ProteusDS to predict the behavior of mechanical systems in service in the ocean and marine environments. ProteusDS relies on empirical loading coefficients to predict system loads to calculate the dynamic response of mechanical systems. DSA sees a growth opportunity to apply ProteusDS to predict dynamic mooring loads for surface-mounted hydrokinetic turbines. Dynamic Systems Analysis has already established itself as a strong contender to provide dynamic analysis tools for simulating floating platforms deployed in marine environments for offshore oil and gas, ship, and aquaculture industries. Performing mooring simulations is an effective method to reduce costs and risks associated with mooring systems for surface mounted hydrokinetic turbines. The University of Manitoba operates the Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Testing Centre on the Winnipeg River with surface-mounted turbines scheduled to be tested water-to-wire this summer. The University of Manitoba will measure mooring hydrodynamic loads for a surface-mounted 3-blade Darrius hydrokinetic river turbine to validate empirical loading coefficients. The project outcome is to show accuracy in mooring predictions when hydrokinetic turbines are subjected to various hydrodynamic loads. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Bibeau


Jody Soviak


Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd


Engineering - mechanical


Environmental industry


University of Manitoba



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