Validation of a Computer Vision-Based Basketball Training Application

The proposed research project aims to advance the development of a novel basketball training application catered to youth basketball players. The prototype application designed by Pipeline Studios Ltd. uses machine learning to record and track youth basketball performance in a fun and entertaining atmosphere. The research project is designed to pair experts in human movement and mobile technologies with experts in computer science and youth content (Pipeline Studios Ltd.) to expand the development of this innovative system. Specifically, this project will examine the current validity of the prototype application and support the development of new performance metrics through the collection of gold-standard high-speed camera and wearable sensor data during shooting drills for youth and young adult basketball players. In doing so, this research collaboration will be foundational in both evaluating and improving the performance of the prototype application which is poised to support the development of youth basketball in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dylan Kobsar


Zaryan Masood


Pipeline Studios Ltd




Information and cultural industries


McMaster University



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