Validation of neurodegeneration screen hits in zebrafish: functional analysis of drug effects on neural activity

The OCE-CQDM Life Sciences R&D Challenge program is a groundbreaking collaboration between researchers at St.Michael’s Hospital (SMH) and Treventis Corporation (both in Toronto), as well as the University of Montreal (Dr. Drapeau, an expert in zebrafish models of disease). The zebrafish is a robust model for translational research because of our understanding of zebrafish biology and its overlap with that of humans. The overall goal of the project is to leverage the academic investigators’ expertise in zebrafish disease models and the robotic high throughput zebrafish screening facility at SMH to validate the Treventis’ library of compounds identified by their computer model, as well as to demonstrate the utility of the zebrafish model and screening facility for automated high throughput drug screening research. My specific goal is to validate hits from the screen by determining their effects on neural activity in zebrafish and thus help identify potential targets.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pierre Drapeau


Poulomee BOSE


Treventis Corporation


Visual arts


Medical devices




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